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Sri Rama’s horoscope is definitely tropical

Sri Rama’s horoscope, as described by sage Valmiki or poet Kamban, is definitely tropical, as it is not feasible under sidereal zodiac…. Continue Reading →

What happens when one exalted planet aspects another? Saptarishis have the answer

What happens when one exalted planet aspects another? Some say it makes the jataka a pauper. Saptarishis have a definitive answer…. Continue Reading →

Dual signs do not indicate second marriage, cardinal signs do

Although it is widely believed that the dual signs indicate second marriage, it is the cardinal signs which strongly signify the possibility of a second marriage if the 7th lord is placed in it, as unequivocally expounded by the saptarishis…. Continue Reading →

Manuscript evidence for the use of tropical zodiac by Saptarishis

Definitive evidence in the form of palm manuscript is available which clearly shows that the Saptarishis used a tropical zodiac. Also, the manuscripts have been altered so as to depict the sidereal zodiac…. Continue Reading →

Does Jupiter in the 5th house cause putradosha? Absolutely not

Compelling evidence in Saptarishi Nadi that discredits “Karaka bhava nasthi”…. Continue Reading →

Planets in the 2nd house from the Sun is not Vesi yoga, it’s Vasi yoga

Vasi and vesi yoga redefined (as advocated by sages in Saptarishi Nadi)…. Continue Reading →

Sakata dosha defined & explained

The Moon when placed in the 6th, 8th or 12th position from Jupiter leads to sakata dosha… Continue Reading →

Kalathra sthanam for females is the 9th house

Saptarishis advocated this rule for female horoscopy…. Continue Reading →

Satabhisha nakshatra in Libra: is it possible?

The tropical zodiac drifts slowly with respect to the nakshatras…. Continue Reading →

Saptarishis declare the exaltation and debilitation signs of Rahu & Ketu

Though there is no consensus on the exaltation and debilitation signs of Rahu and Ketu, the Saptarishis unequivocally declare that both Rahu and Ketu are exalted in Scorpio and debilitated in Taurus…. Continue Reading →

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