Saptarishi Nadi is a collection of horoscopes interpreted by the saptarishis (seven sages) themselves! These horoscopes which were recorded in palm manuscripts in poetic Tamil are now being preserved in the Government Oriental Manuscripts Library, Chennai. Saptarishis demonstrate the art of astrological prediction in their interpretation of these horoscopes.

English translation

English translation of the Saptarishi Nadi series has been embarked upon by a few scholars interested in bringing this precious knowledge to the astrological community at large.

Shri Yenbeeyes has translated some horoscopes in the Aries ascendant collection of this series; only a few were published earlier. I intend to present all his translated horoscopes—with his permission, of course—in this website over a period of time, after incorporating the corrections in the Tamil verses which were identified after proofreading them with the palm manuscripts. Therefore, these revised translations will be different from the earlier published ones.

I too will be adding some of my translations of the Saptarishi Nadi, as and when I find time.

Aries – Jatakam 1

Aries – Jatakam 2

Aries – Jatakam 3

Aries – Jatakam 4

Aries – Jatakam 5

Aries – Jatakam 6

Aries – Jatakam 7

Aries – Jatakam 8

Aries – Jatakam 9

Aries – Jatakam 47