Mankind is reeling under the onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic for a few months now. What started as an epidemic in Wuhan, China, has assumed enormous proportions and has engulfed most of Europe and America. As the death toll mounts, the foremost question on everyone’s minds is when will this cataclysm end?

Therefore, I turned towards astrology for answers; a few Vedic astrologers have weighed in on this with their predictions. For instance, the planetary alignments indicating this pandemic as discussed by them are:

  1. The alignment of Jupiter, Saturn, and Ketu.
  2. The solar eclipse of 26 December 2019.
  3. Ketu in the nakshatra Moola

But, Indian astrologers, nowadays, use sidereal zodiac. As I was certain that saptarishis used tropical zodiac, I intend to analyze these astrological alignments using tropical zodiac.

Chronology of the coronavirus pandemic

Let’s first trace the start of the coronavirus pandemic. A few cases of viral pneumonia were reported in China during the month of December 2019. Consequently, on 31 December 2019, China informed WHO of the coronavirus disease. But, as Chinese authorities tried to suppress the factual information from the public, the disease spread far and wide.

Subsequently, the WHO declared a public health emergency on 30 January 2020. But the WHO did not declare it a pandemic until 11 March 2020, though the coronavirus spread to many more countries, . The European countries were the hardest hit outside of China, and later, the USA became the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic.

Planetary alignments indicating coronavirus pandemic

Jupiter transit into Capricorn coincides with the first coronavirus case

Now let’s see if the planetary movements indicate the start of such a disaster, and if so, when. Interestingly, Jupiter, the most benevolent planet, moved from Sagittarius to Capricorn on 2 December 2019, exactly at the same period when the first case of coronavirus is thought to have occurred in China.

Jupiter transit

December 2, 2019
23:00:33 (5:30 East of GMT)
77 E 12′ 00″, 28 N 36′ 00″ (New Delhi, India)
Lunar day: Vikari Margasira Sukla Sapthami (99.80% left)
Nakshatra: Dhanishtha (-116.96% left)
Monday, Siddhi Yoga, Garija Karana, Saturn Hora

Jupiter stays in a zodiac sign for roughly a year, which means it revisits a zodiac sign every 12 years. So, what’s the significance of this particular transit? First, Jupiter is debilitated (its weakest state) in Capricorn. Second, Jupiter aligns with Saturn and Ketu. Saturn and Ketu are generally known to be malevolent planets; their association with Jupiter when it is already debilitated doesn’t bode well for humanity. So the combination of Saturn + Ketu + Jupiter contributed to this pandemic.

Solar eclipse in Capricorn : harbinger of the pandemic

Solar eclipse occurs twice a year, but we don’t see a pandemic that often. In fact, it has been around 100 years since mankind had to grapple with a pandemic of this magnitude. So, what’s so dangerous about this solar eclipse? This solar eclipse occurred on 26 December 2019, which was mainly visible in the eastern countries, most notably China.

Solar eclipse

December 26, 2019
10:47:42 (5:30 East of GMT)
77 E 12′ 00″, 28 N 36′ 00″ (New Delhi, India)
Lunar day: Vikari Pushya Sukla Pratipat (97.12% left)
Nakshatra: Moola (-158.52% left)
Thursday, Vajra Yoga, Kimstughna Karana, Venus Hora

Vic Dicara, a Vedic astrologer who chooses to use tropical zodiac instead of sidereal zodiac, has dissected this solar eclipse in his video.

In short, he says that this solar eclipse occurred at the southern-most point of the Sun’s orbit in the nakshatra Moola in the sign of Capricorn, along with Ketu, the southerly node. Also, Jupiter was within a degree of this eclipse when he was already debilitated. Saturn was also present in Capricorn. This solar eclipse, he says, is what transformed the coronavirus epidemic into a pandemic.

As a result, a few days after this eclipse, China informed WHO of the coronavirus epidemic.

Moreover, Mars enters Capricorn on 16 February 2020 and joins Jupiter, Saturn, and Ketu. Above all, Mars in exalted in Capricorn, and it is one of the malefic planets. Indeed, of the four planets in Capricorn during this period, three are malefic ones, out of which Mars is exalted and Saturn is strong in his own house. Jupiter, the only benefic planet, is unfortunately debilitated.

Mars exited Capricorn on 31 March 2020.

Transit of Saturn out of Capricorn: effective mitigation

On 22 March 2020, Saturn moved to Aquarius, thus easing the malefic influence on a debilitated Jupiter.

Saturn transit

March 22, 2020
8:01:47 (5:30 East of GMT)
77 E 12′ 00″, 28 N 36′ 00″ (New Delhi, India)
Lunar day: Vikari Phalguna Krishna Trayodasi (5.41% left)
Nakshatra: Satabhishak (-129.68% left)
Sunday, Indra Yoga, Vanija Karana, Venus Hora

If you recall, the prime minister of India called for a voluntary lockdown on this day. Though it was for just one day, he then went on to declare a 21-day lockdown a few days later. Maybe, as the malefic influence of Saturn on Jupiter is no more, mankind started to realize the gravity of the situation and took necessary steps to stem the spread of this pandemic at this time.

Ketu transits out of Capricorn: a semblance of normalcy?

Ketu is the southerly node of the Moon. He is now in the nakshatra Moola, which represents death and destruction. Certainly, Ketu, by himself, is a malefic one; but, the combination with the nakshatra Moola becomes a deadly one. On a side note, Ketu was in the nakshatra Moola in the previous cycle on 11 September 2001 (Thanks to shri Yenbeeyes for pointing this out).

Ketu moves out of Capricorn on 5 May 2020; Jupiter is freed of another malefic influence on this day. But, Jupiter is still debilitated. It is again interesting to note that the Indian government has extended the lockdown till 3 May 2020.

Ketu transit

May 5, 2020
11:18:26 (5:30 East of GMT)
77 E 12′ 00″, 28 N 36′ 00″ (New Delhi, India)
Lunar day: Sharvari Vaisakha Sukla Trayodasi (56.05% left)
Nakshatra: Hastha (-158.60% left)
Tuesday, Variyan Yoga, Kaulava Karana, Saturn Hora

The significance of this transit is that may be the world will slowly wriggle out of the clutches of this pandemic to kick start the world economy that has been pushed into recession. Also, as the world learns more about this coronavirus, the infection rate may slow down and humanity may get a breather.

But unfortunately, as I said, it might just be a breather; Saturn makes a comeback to join Jupiter in Capricorn. Saturn goes retrograde on 11 May 2020.

In India, coronavirus transmission may slow down in the summer months of April and May; but with the onset of rainy season in June, the spread of respiratory viruses will be hastened.

Saturn retrogresses into Capricorn: coronavirus back with a vengeance?

Though Saturn goes into retrograde much earlier, it transits into Capricorn on 2 July 2020 and joins the debilitated Jupiter once again. Does this mean we will see a resurgence of the pandemic?

Saturn retrogression

July 2, 2020
3:48:13 (5:30 East of GMT)
77 E 12′ 00″, 28 N 36′ 00″ (New Delhi, India)
Lunar day: Sharvari Adhika Ashadha Sukla Dwadasi (58.89% left)
Nakshatra: Visakha (-180.92% left)
Wednesday, Indra Yoga, Bava Karana, Moon Hora

Saturn is a tough taskmaster, and during his retrogression he is doubly so. Most probably, we will see the next wave of the coronavirus pandemic during this period. Will it torment humanity with a vengeance this time, because Saturn is retrograde? Note that Saturn stays in Capricorn till 17 December 2020.

Transit of Jupiter into Aquarius: light at the end of a tunnel?

Jupiter transits out of Capricorn and enters Aquarius on 19 December 2020; Jupiter is no longer debilitated. But then, it joins Saturn again after a gap of just 2 days. So, does this mean that the pandemic is over as Jupiter is no longer debilitated? Or, as Jupiter is with Saturn, will the pandemic continue, albeit in a less severe form as Jupiter is out of debilitation?

Jupiter transit

December 19, 2020
5:50:15 pm (5:30 East of GMT)
77 E 12′ 00″, 28 N 36′ 00″ (New Delhi, India)
Lunar day: Sharvari Margasira Sukla Shashthi (89.13% left)
Nakshatra: Dhanishtha (-170.27% left)
Saturday, Variyan Yoga, Kaulava Karana, Sun Hora

If the latter is true, then Jupiter is with Saturn till 29 December 2021, when Jupiter transits to Pisces. He briefly moves to Pisces on 14 May 2021 only to return on 28 July 2021.

Summing it up

In the best case scenario, the pandemic comes to an end in December 2020. In the worst case, it extends till the end of the next year (2021), albeit in a less severe form. To those who expect to return to normalcy any time soon, the stars imply otherwise. The world as we know it is about to change. Brace yourself.