1மதிபுதன் பானுவீணை மங்கலன் மானதாக
விதிகன்னி கேதுகோலாம் வெள்ளியும் கடகமாக
ததிகயர் குருவும்கொச்சை சென்மமு மேடமாக
இதுவிதம் கோளுநின்றால் இயம்புவீர் பலனைத்தானே
Parvati asks the rishis to tell the results of a native who has the Moon, Mercury, and the Sun in Gemini, Mars in Capricorn, Saturn in Virgo, Ketu in Libra, Venus in Cancer, Jupiter and Rahu in Aries, and with Lagna as Aries.

Birthplace of the native

2சங்கரி கேட்கும்போது சடைமுனி புகலுகின்றார்
இங்கிவை ஆண்பால்சென்மம் இல்லமும் கீழ்பால்நோக்கம்
சிங்கவா கனத்தாள்ஈசன் தென்பக்கல் நதியுமுண்டு
நங்கையா மாரிதென்கீழ் நல்கிய அடையாளத்துள்
When Parvati asks so, the rishi with the knotted hair on his head starts replying. This horoscope belongs to a man. House is east facing. It is opposite the temple of Lord Shiva with the Goddess on lion. In the south, there is a river. In the southeast, there is temple for Durga. In a place with such identifications…
3பாலக னிரண்டாம்சென்மம் பகருவோம் தீயின்வம்சம்
சாலவே தந்தைஅன்னை சகோதரர் மனைவிபுத்திரர்
ஏலவே இவர்கள்யோகம் இயம்புவோம் முன்பின்சென்மம்
ஆலத்தை யுண்டோன்தேவி அறிவிப்போம் பிதாகுணத்தை
The native is the second born, and he belongs to the Vanniar caste. We will tell the results of his father, mother, brother, wife, and children in this life and also the previous/next lives. The rishi addresses Parvati as the wife of Lord Shiva who drank the poison emitted by the snake Vasuki and requests her to listen.

About native’s father

4இருசிகப் புடையனாகும் ஈகைவான் பொறுமைசாலி
வருவோரை ஆதரிப்பன் வளவுமே செய்வானாகும்
குறைதலை கோஷ்டம்செய்வன் குவலயம் நல்லோனாவன்
தரையதை விருத்திசெய்வன் சதுஷ்பாதம் விருத்தியுண்டு
The native’s father has a reddish black complexion. Is a charitable person. Will be a patient man. Will support those who approach him. Will construct a house. Will construct a temple for Brahma. Will be a good person on earth. Will increase his land holdings. Cattle wealth will increase.
5தந்தையி னில்லம்விட்டுச் சார்வான்அவ் வூர்உத்திரம்
விந்தையா யில்லம்செய்வன் விகடங்கள் கூறானாகும்
நிந்தைகள் ஏற்கானாகும் நீத்தோர்க் குதகமீவன்
பந்துக்கள் மதிக்கவாழ்வன் பாரபட் சங்கள்பேசான்
He will leave his father’s house and will be in the northern side. Will construct a beautiful house. Will not have a sense of humor. Will not bear any insulting words. Will perform ceremony to the diseased (a religious purificatory ceremony which consists of duly consecrating water & pouring or sprinkling it on the person or thing to be purified). Will live to the appreciation of relations. Will not take sides.
6உண்டியும் வறுமைகாணான் உயர்வான குடும்பமேற்பன்
வண்டிவா கனமுமேற்பன் மாத்தாணை உறவுகொள்வன்
குண்டுணி கூறானாகும் குஞ்சர மொத்ததேகன்
பண்டுநாள் பூமிதன்னைப் பாலகன் விருத்திசெய்வன்
Will have no shortcomings for food. Will raise a family of good status. Will be traveling in vehicles with comfort. Will have friendly relation with his opponents. Will not be a tale bearer. Body will be like that of an elephant. Will increase the ancestral land holdings.

Father’s siblings

7தந்தையின் துணைஆண்ஒன்று சத்திமார் மூவராகும்
பிந்திய துணைவனாக பேசுவோம் ஒன்றாய்வாழ்வன்
அந்தவன் சுதனுமொன்று அழகிய கன்னிஒன்று
இந்தவாறு தீர்க்கமாகும் இயம்பின ஆண்பாலுக்கு
He has one male and three female siblings. We will talk about the younger male sibling. Father’s younger brother will be living together with all. He will have one son and one daughter; both will live long.
8மேகரோ கங்கள்காணும் விருத்தியும் குறவுண்டாகும்
பாகமாய் சாந்திசெய்யில் பாலர்கள் விருத்தியுண்டு
ஆகவே பலன்கள்யாவும் அறிவிப்போம் பின்பாகத்தில்
போகவா ரிதியைப்பெற்ற புண்ணிய சாலிகேளாய்
He will contract venereal diseases. Family growth will also be less. If he does the remedies properly, there will be increase in children. We will tell about his results in the later chapters. The rishi addresses Parvati as the one who gave birth to Lord Muruga, who is stated as the sea of enjoyment.

Father’s previous birth

9தந்தையின் முன்சென்மத்தைச் சாற்றுவோம் புலியூர் தன்னில்
முந்தின குலமுதித்து உயர்வான குடும்பியாகி
வந்தவர்க் கன்னமீந்து மறலியின் பதிக்குச்சென்று
இந்ததோர் குலமுதித்தான் ஈஸ்வரி மறித்துச்சொல்வார்
We will tell about the previous birth of the native’s father. Born in the Brahmin community in a place called Puliyur, he became a high-level family man, offered food to those who approached him, and went to the abode of Yama. Because of the creation of Brahma, he was born in vanniyar community. Parvati interjects and asks...
10மறைகுல முதித்தோனிங்கு வன்னிய குலமுதிக்கும்
குறையதைப் புகலுமென்ன குமரன்முன் சென்மந்தன்னில்
மறைகளை விரும்பானாகி வந்ததால் உதித்தானென்றோம்
உரைத்தஇக் குணத்தானுக்கு உதிப்பனா மிந்தப்பாலன்
“In the earlier birth he was born in the Brahmin community and this birth in Vanniar community. What is the reason for that?” The sage replies that in his previous birth, he did not like the Vedas, and hence he was born in a lower community. To such a person of character, this native was born.

About the native

11பாலகன் குணத்தைச்சொல்வேன் பசலைபோல் தேகனாகும்
சீலவான் யூகைசாலிசிந்தயும் நல்லதாகும்
காலத்தை அறிந்துரைப்பன் கணக்கினில் சமர்த்தனாகும்
ஞாலங்கள் விருத்திசெய்வன் நல்லோர்க்கு நல்லோனாவன்
I will tell the characteristics of this native. His body will be like that of a herb called ‘Pasalai’. (a class of hot herb, portulaca oleracea). Will have good manners. An erudite person. Will have a good mind. Can calculate the timing of events to come. Good at mathematics. Will increase the land holdings. Good for those who are good to him.
12கல்விமான் கடவுள்பக்தி கனத்தவர் நேசம்கொள்வன்
தொல்லையெப் போதும்காணான் துறவிகட் கன்னமீவன்
வல்லியர் மோகனாவன் மாடுகள் பணையேர்விருத்தி
எல்லைமேல் பிரியனாகும் இடர்செய்யான் யாவருக்கும்
He is well educated. Will be devoted to God. Will make friendship with honorable people. Will never face trouble. Will offer food to the ascetics. Will be infatuated towards women. Cattle, laborers of the farm, and ploughman will all be increasing. Will be fond of the Sun God. Will not do any harm to any body.
13தந்தைக்குச் சமமாய்வாழ்வன் சல்லிய பாதையேற்கான்
முந்துமால் பக்திகொள்வன் முனியதை வெளிக்காட்டாதான்
மந்தமாம் வார்த்தைசொல்வன் மறித்துரை அதிகங்கூறான்
தந்தியின் கோஷ்டம்செய்வன் சத்தியம் தவறானாகும்
He will live equal to the status of his father. Will not take to borrowing. Will be devoted to Lord Vishnu. Will not display anger. Will be talking softly in a low tone. Will not say objecting words. He will construct a temple for Lord Ganesha. Will be a truthful man.
14தானிய செட்டுசெய்வன் தருமத்தி லிச்சையுண்டு
ஈனரைச் சேரானாகும் இளைத்தோரை ஆதரிப்பன்
ஊனமில் லாததேகி உறன்முறைக் கிணக்கம்சொல்லான்
கோனிடம் பெருமைஏற்பன் பூவையே கேட்டிடாயே
Will trade in grains. Will be interested in charity. Will not join the base people. Will protect the weaker sections. Will have no defects in his body. Will not be agreeable to what the relations say. Will be honored by the Government. Listen! Lady!
15சாதகன் தனக்குயோகம் செப்பின காரணம்சொல்
மாதவன் சென்மம்தங்க வெள்ளியும் நாலிலேற
பூமகன் பத்திலாக பின்சிகி ஏழிலாக
நீதியாய் நாலுகேந்திரம் நின்றிடு ம்கிரகத்தாலே
Parvati asks: What is the reason for telling such fortunes for this native? Rishi replies that Jupiter is in Lagna, Venus is in the 4th house, Mars is exalted in the 10th house (Capricorn), and Ketu is in the 7th house, and thus all the Kendra houses (1, 4, 7, and 10) are occupied by planets and hence…
16பருவத யோகமொன்று பாரிசாத யோகமொன்று
இருவித யோகத்தாலே இப்பாலன் சுகமாய்வாழ்வன்
தரையாலும் செட்டுவாலும் தரணியில் கீர்த்தியேற்பன்
பொருளது பெருக்கம்செய்வன் புண்ணிய சாலிகேளாய்
Parvatha Yoga as well as Parijatha Yoga are in this chart. Because of these two yogas, this native will live with all the comforts. He will become famous because of the land holdings and his business. He will accumulate wealth. Oh! Meritorious woman! Listen!

On Parijatha and Parvata yoga

Parijatha yoga

Phaladeepika lists the results arising out of Parijatha Yoga as below: (Sloka 55 of chapter VI)

नित्यमङ्गलयुतः पृथिवीशः संचितार्थनिचयः सुकुटुम्बी।
सत्कथाश्रवणभक्तिरभिज्ञो पारिजातजननः शिवतातिः॥५५॥

The person born in the Parijatha Yoga will always be in the midst of festivities (or auspicious ceremonies), will become a King, will become the lord of much-hoarded wealth, will own a large family, will be intent on hearing stories of great people, will be learned, and doing something auspicious.

The conditions applicable are given in sloka 44 which reads as under:

भावैः सौम्ययुतेक्षितैस्तदधिपैः सुस्थानगैर्भास्वरैः
स्वोच्चस्वर्क्षगतैर्विलग्नभवनाद्योगाः क्रमद् द्वादश।
भाग्यख्याति सुपारिजात मुसलास्तज्ज्ञैर्यथा कीर्थिताः॥४४॥

Bhavas being occupied or aspected by benefics, their lords occupying good house or being brilliant and, in their exaltation, or Swakshetra, constitute certain Yogas, and there are 12 such yogas for the 12 Bhavas from the Lagna onwards. Their names are in their order: (1) Chamara (2) Dhenu (3) Saurya (4) Jaladhi (5) Chhatra (6) Astra (7) Kama (8) Asura (9) Bhagya (10) Khyati (11) Suparijata (12) Musala.

So the 11th in this series is what is stated by the rishis and it is applicable to the 11th house. But in the chart of this native we find that the 11th house is not occupied by any planets and is also not receiving the aspect of any benefics. Lord of the 11th house Saturn is also placed in the 6th house and is neither in exaltation nor swakshetra. Hence the combination forming Parijatha Yoga is not there.

Dr. B.V.Raman has given a clearer explanation for this Yoga:

“The lord of the sign in which the lord of the house occupied by the Ascendant Lord, or the Lord of the Navamsa occupied by the lord of the Rasi in which the Ascendant lord is posited, shall join a quadrant, a trine or his own or exaltation places.”

Applying this rule to this native, we find that Lord of Ascendant is Mars who is placed in Capricorn, and its lord is Saturn who is placed in Virgo. Now, the lord of Virgo— Mercury—is placed in his own sign, causing Parijatha Yoga.

The results of this Paraijatha Yoga are: Happy in the middle and last parts of life, receiving the homage of Kings and Rulers, fond of wars, possessing elephants and horses, conforming to traditions and customs, and being generous and famous.

Parvatha Yoga

Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra (R.Santhanam edition)

सप्तमे चाऽष्टमे शुद्धे शुभग्रहयुते।स्थवा।
केन्द्रेषु शुभयुक्तेषु योगः पर्वतसंज्ञकः॥७॥
भाग्यवान् पर्वतोत्पन्नः वाग्मी वाता च शास्त्रवित्।
हास्यप्रियो यशस्वी च तेजस्वी पुरनायकः॥८॥

Benefics in angles (1, 4, 7 and 10) will produce Parvatha Yoga, as the 7th and 8th are vacant or are occupied by only benefics. One born in Parvatha yoga will be wealthy, eloquent, charitable, learned in Sastras, fond of mirth, famous, splendorous and be the leader of a city.

This yoga is formed in many ways according to different classical authors:

  1. According to R. Santhanam (Translator of BPHS), there need be benefics in angles, while the 7th and 8th are unoccupied or be in conjunction by benefics alone.
  2. There is another translation of BPHS, according to which the yoga is formed in two ways: one is as per serial number 1 above; the other is that the lords of the ascendant and of the 12th in mutual angles and be aspected by friendly planets. According to R.Santhanam, this explanation is followed by Sata Yoga Manjari (English Translation by Prof. B.S.Rao).
  3. In the Hindi translation of Sata Yoga Manjari (By G.K.Ojha), it is stated that the dispositor of ascendant lord should be in his own sign or in his Moolatrikona sign which is identical with an angle or trine reckoned from the ascendant. PhalaDeepika exactly describes this yoga in this manner.
  4. In Jataka Desa Marga we find yet another explanation: If the ascendant, 4th, 7th, and 10th are occupied by planets while the 8th and 12th are unoccupied, Parvatha Yoga is formed. There is no mention of benefics or malefics in angles. That is these houses should remain occupied.
  5. Horasara has a similar explanation:

उदयास्तकर्महिबुके ग्रहयुक्ते रिःफनैधने शुद्धे।
यः कश्चिन्नवमगतो योगोऽयं पर्वतो नाम॥१९॥
पर्वतयोगे जातो भूपालो धर्मवान् विनीतश्च।
ग्रामपुरनगरकर्ता लोके श्रुतवान् युगान्तकीर्तिश्च॥२०॥

Should there be planets in the 1st, 7th, 10th, and the 4th, and none in the 12th and the 8th, while the 9th has an occupant in it, the resulting yoga is Parvatha Yoga. (19).

A Parvatha Yoga–native will rule the earth, be virtuous and modest. He will establish villages, towns and cities. He will have his fame last till the yuga ends. (20).

  • Jataka Parijata Chapter VII, Sloka 128 and 129 has the following verses:

सौम्येषु केन्द्रगृहगेषु सपत्नरन्ध्रे शुद्धेऽथवा शुभयुते यदि पर्वतः स्यात् |
लग्नान्यपौ यदि परस्परकेन्द्रयातौ मित्रेक्षितौ भवति पर्वतनामयोगः॥१२८॥
भाग्यान्वितः पर्वतयोगजातो विद्याविनोदाभिरतः प्रदाता।
कामी परस्त्रीजनकेलिलोलस्तेजोयशस्वी पुरनायकः स्यात्॥१२९॥

If benefic planets be in Kendra houses, and if the 6th and the 8th bhavas be either unoccupied or occupied by benefic planets, the resulting yoga is Parvatha. Again, if the lords of the Lagna and the 12th bhavas be in Kendra positions with respect to each other and aspected by friends, there is the Parvatha Yoga. (128)

The person who has his birth in the Parvatha Yoga will be prosperous, engaged in literary pursuits, liberal, libidinous, and fond of sporting with women not his own, full of energy, famous and at the head of a city.

  • PhalaDeepika has a different kind of Parvatha Yoga, which says that Lagna Lord in angle or trine and in own house or in exaltation house.
  • C.G.Rajan in his Tamil translation of BPHS has given two forms for this yoga: Benefics in angles and 6th and 8th. Alternately, benefics should be in angles and 9th.
  • A version of the Yavanas forms this yoga thus: The Ascendant, 7th, and 10th occupied by benefics. So simple and no more pre-requisites. Note the 4th among angles is omitted here.
  • Nrusimha Deivajna’s Jathaka Sara Dheepa is exactly like that of Yavanas:
  • Learned Dr. B.V.Raman is of the opinion that Parijatha Yoga is formed when (1) when benefics are in Kendras and 6th and 8th houses must be free. (2) when benefics are in Kendras and 6th and 8th should be occupied by benefics. (3) Lords of Lagna and the 12th should be in mutual Kendras. Under any one of the three conditions the yoga is formed. But for Aquarius Lagna the 3rd condition is not possible as Saturn becomes the Lord of Lagna as well as the 12th. In his opinion, this yoga cannot be so powerful as to minimize the strength of other important yogas. Its presence, no doubt, adds to making the person an entity within a limited circle.

Thus, there are many varieties of Parvatha Yoga.

Siblings of the native

17தன்துணை முன்பெண்ஒன்று சாற்றுவோம் தீர்க்கமாக
அன்னவள் குணத்தைச்சொல்வேன் அரிமனை ஒப்பதாகும்
மன்னவன் மனதுக்கேற்றோள் வறுமையில் லாமல்வாழ்வள்
முன்கோபம் கொஞ்சமுண்டு மொழியதைக் காப்பாளாகும்
He will have one elder sister, who will be long lived.  We will tell her characteristics. She will be like the goddess Laxmi (wife of Vishnu). Will be dear to her husband’s heart. Will be living without poverty. Will be a little hot-tempered. Will not go back on her words. Will adhere to her words.
18வரனுமே உள்ளூராகும் மைந்தர்கள் ஆண்பால்மூன்று
அரிவையும் அவ்வாறுதீர்க்கம் அழகான குடும்பியாவள்
குறையென்றோர்க் குதவுவாளாம் குணமது நல்லதாகும்
பெறும்தந்தை யுதவியுண்டு பூவையும் தீர்க்கசீவி
Her husband will be from the same place. We will tell about her children. She will have 3 male and 3 female children. She will be a beautiful family woman. She will assist those who are in need. She will be of good character. She will also get assistance from her father. She will also have a long life.
19பாலன்பின் துணையாண்மூன்று சத்தியும் ஒருத்திதீர்க்கம்
சாலவே தங்கைக்கேதான் குணமுடன் ஆண்பால்நான்கு
வேல்விழி பெண்பாலொன்று விருத்தியாம் பின்பால்சொல்வேன்
நீலியாம் அன்னைசேதி நிகழ்த்துவோம் தாயேயாங்கள்
This native will have three younger brothers and one younger sister, who will be long lived. His younger sister will have four sons and one daughter. I will tell about them later. We will tell about his mother, who has a bluish black complexion. Listen! Mother!

About native’s mother

20பொறுமையும் வறுமைகாணாள் புண்ணிய மனத்தளாகும்
திருகுசொல் லாதாளாகும் செனஉப காரியாகும்
அரிமனை ஒப்பதாகும் அடிசலுக் கினியளாகும்
வரன்மனம் ஒத்தமாது வளமுள குடும்பியாவள்
She is a patient woman, will not see poverty, and will have a helping or charitable mind.  Will not say twisting words. Will assist the general public. she will resemble the goddess Laxmi. Will do the cooking lovingly. Will behave according to the wishes of her husband. Will be a member of a well-to-do family.
21சகலர்க்கு நல்லோளாவள் தன்மனம் கபடுமில்லாள்
பகையென்று மனதில்வையாள் பாரபட் சங்கள்பேசாள்
உரிமையாய்ப் பேசுவாளாம் உயர்வோர்க்கு அன்னமீவள்
மிகுதவம் புரியுமாதே வித்தகி தீர்க்கசீவி
She will be good to all. Will not have a deceitful mind. Will not keep enmity in the mind. Will not show partiality while speaking. Will talk with propriety. Will offer food to religious people. The rishi addresses Parvati as the one who does maximum penance and says that this woman will be long lived.

Mother’s siblings

22இல்லமும் தென்கீழாகும் இவள்துணை ஆண்பாலொன்று
வல்லியும்அவ் வாறுதீர்க்கம் வரைகிறோம் ஆண்பால்சேதி
செல்லுவான் இல்லம்விட்டு சிலருக்கு இல்லம்செய்வன்
நல்லதோர் நகரம்சென்று நல்கிடும் இல்லந்தானும்
Her house is in the southeast. She will have one brother and one sister. We will tell the details about her brother. He will leave the house. Will construct houses for others. Will reach a good town and will purchase a house there for himself.
23பலருக்கும் நல்லோனாவன் பாக்கியம் விருத்திசெய்வன்
சொலுமொழி காப்பனாகும் சுந்தர முடையனாகும்
திலகம்போல் பந்துகட்கு தேறின புத்தியுண்டு
நலமுடன் கூலிவேலை நல்லோர்க ளுறவுகொள்வன்
Will be good to many people. Will increase his fortunes. Will keep his word. Will have a beautiful personality. He will be a distinguished person among his relations. Will do labour work in a good manner. Will be friendly with good people.
24பாரியும் ஒன்றேயாகும் பாலர்கள் முதலில்நஷ்டம்
வீறுமே அதின்பின்னாக வேல்விழி பெண்பால்ரெண்டு
மாரன்போல் ஆண்பால்ரெண்டு வரைகிறோம் தீர்க்கமாக
காரியன் சமர்த்தனாகும் காதலன் வயதுதீர்க்கம்
He will have only one wife. The earlier-born children will die. Thereafter, there will be two female children and two beautiful sons akin to that of Manmatha (the God of love); they will be long lived. A very clever man in completing the works. He will have long life.

Mother’s previous birth

25மாதுரு பூர்வம்சொல்வேன் மால்மலை தன்னிலேதான்
சூதிலா கோகுலத்தில் செனித்துமே வறுமையின்றி
பாதக மனங்களின்றி பசித்தோர்க்குத் தாகமீந்து
வேதனை யில்லாதாகி மேவினள் காலனாடு
We will tell about the previous birth of the native’s mother. Born in Tirumalai hills in the cowherd’s community, she was living without poverty. She had no ill feelings in her mind and offered food to those who were hungry. She lived without any troubles and reached the abode of Yama.

Here the Tamil word used is ‘maal malai’ which may mean either Tiumalai hills or Tirumal Irun cholai

Mother’s next birth

26தலைநான்கோன் வரியப்பட்டு சனித்தவ ளென்றுசொல்வோம்
நிலைமையாய்ப் பின்சென்மங்கேள் நேபாள நகரிலேதான்
குலவுவாள் பிரம்மசேயாய் குறுமுனி தடுத்துச்சொல்வார்
தலைவிக்கு இச்சென்மத்தில் சார்ந்தபுண் ணியங்களென்ன
This was the woman who was again created by Brahma in this birth. Kindly listen to her next birth. She will be born in a town in Nepal in the Brahmin community. Listening to this Agasthiyar intercepted and asked, “what were the good and bad deeds in this birth for this lady?”
27மாரன்தன் மனம்போல்வாழ்ந்தும் வருவோரை ஆதரித்தும்
கூறுமொழி தவறாததாலும் கோபத்தை வெளிக்காட்டாமலும்
வேறொரு நடக்கையின்றி விரதங்கள் பூண்பதாலும்
சேருவாள் மறைக்குலத்தில் செல்வதி கேட்டிடாயே
The reasons for her rebirth in the Brahmin community are the good deeds done in this birth: she lived as per the wishes of her husband, supported those who approached them, followed the said words, never expressed anger, and without any difference observed the duties and fasts. Listen, beautiful eyed Parvati!

Death of the parents

Father’s death

28நாலாண்டில் தந்தைஅன்னை நழுவுவாள் காலனாடு
சாலவே இருபதாண்டில் தந்தையின் தந்தைகெண்டம்
ஏலவே நாற்பதாண்டில் ஏகுவான் தந்தைதானும்
கோலமா யிவன்பின்சென்மம் கூறுவோம் தாயேகேளாய்
In the fourth year of the native, his grandmother (father’s mother) will die. In his 20th year, his grandfather (father’s father) will die. In his 40th year, the native’s father will die. We will tell about his father’s next birth. Listen, Mother!

Father’s next birth

29உத்திரம் பெரியபாளையத்து உதிப்பனாம் பிரம்மசேயாய்
சித்தனிச் சென்மத்தில் செய்தபுண் ணியங்களென்ன
பத்திமாரி கோஷ்டம் பாரளந்தோ னும்கோஷ்டம்
அத்தியின் கோஷ்டம்செய்தும் ஆபத்தைச் சிலர்க்குக்காத்தும்
In the north in Periapalayam, his father will be born in the Brahmin community. Parvati asks, "What good deeds did he do in this birth?" He constructed temples for Goddess Durga, Lord Ganesha, and Lord Vishnu, and protected those in danger...

Mother’s death

30சோலைகள் துரவுசெய்தும் சுதனுமே வாழ்வதாலே
சீலமாம் குலமுதித்துச் சிவபூசை செய்வானாகும்
ஏலவே நாற்பான்ஒன்றில் ஏகுவாள் அன்னைதானும்
ஆலத்தை யுண்டோன்தேவி அறைந்தது தப்பாதாகும்
He also created groves. Therefore, he will be born in the brahmin caste and perform Shiva puja. In his 41st year, the native's mother will die. The rishi addresses Parvati as the wife of one who drank the poison (Shiva), and says that whatever they said will not go wrong. They are all truths.
31தந்தையின் குடும்பம்வேறு சார்ந்திடும் பாகமஞ்சாய்
பிந்தியும் அன்பானேழில் பின்துணை பிரிதலாகும்
அந்தவர் சேதியாவும் அறிவிப்போம் பின்பாகத்தில்
கந்தனை யீன்றமாதே கழறின மொழிகுன்றாது
The native's father’s family will disintegrate (get partitioned), and his father will get one fifth portion of the wealth. In his 57th year, native's younger brother will move away from him. I will tell about their details in the later chapters in detail. Oh! Begetter of Kandaswamy (Murugan)! Listen! Our words will not go wrong.

About the native (continued)

Marriage/Wife of native

32சாதகன் மணத்தின்காலம் பத்தொன் பாண்டில்
காதலி வடகீழ்நேரும் கழறுவோம் அவள்குணத்தை
சீதள குணத்தளாகும் தீங்கதை ஒருவர்க்கெண்ணாள்
ஓதுவாள் சுகமாய்வார்த்தை உலகுக்கு நல்லோளாவள்
The native will get married in his 19th year. Wife will come from northeast. We will tell her characteristics. She will be of good character. Will never think of doing harm to anybody. Will talk comforting words. Will be good to the people.
33ஈகையும் கொஞ்சமுண்டு இடர்செய்யாள் முன்கோபத்தாள்
சாதிப்பாள் சிலதுசங்கை சத்தியும் தீர்க்கசீவி
மாதவர் மறித்துச்சொல்வார் மழைக்கோளு நாலிலாக
கேதுவும் ஏழில்தங்க கோதைமாரி ருவரென்றோம்
A little charitable. Will not do harm. Will be hot-tempered. Will complete all works by perseverance. Will have a long life. One rishi objected to this and said that as the rain planet Venus is in the 4th house from Lagna and Ketu is in the 7th house, he will have two wives.
34இருமனை அணுகாதாகும் எப்படி சொல்லுமென்ன
குருவுமே ஏழைப்பார்க்க கூரியன் ஆட்சியாக
வருமனை ஒன்றேதீர்க்கம் மனைவியு மிவன்முன்னாலே
உரைகுவாள் காலனாடு உரைப்பீர்கள் காலம்தன்னை
There will not be two wives. How can you say like that? Jupiter is aspecting the 7th house and Mercury is placed in his own house; so, we can say with confirmation that there will be only one wife. That wife will also die wearing her marriage symbol (the Tamil word for this is Sumangali, i.e. before her husband dies). Tell that period asked Parvati.

Native’s previous birth

35அறுபது ஆண்டுதன்னில் அம்மனை கெண்டமெய்தும்
திருமகன் முன்சென்மத்தைச் செப்புவோம் காஞ்சிதன்னில்
தரிதொழில் சேணியவம்சம் செனித்துமே செட்டுசெய்து
முருகர்தன் பத்தியாயும் மேலோர்க்குப் பத்திபூண்டு
In his 60th year, his wife will die. We will tell about his previous birth. Born in Kancheepuram in weavers' community, he did business, was devoted to Lord Muruga, and respected the elders…
36மறலியின் பதிக்குச்சென்று மால்மகன் வரியப்பட்டு
வருகுவான் இந்தபாலன் வளமுள குடும்பமேற்பன்
பெரிதான தலங்கள்செல்வன் பூமியு மூவூர்சேர்ப்பன்
அறம்செய்வன் மூன்றுஇல்லம் அணுகிடும் என்றுசொல்வோம்
Went to the abode of Yama and was created again by Brahma and took this birth. He will be having a prosperous family. Will visit big holy places. Will purchase three villages. Will do charity. We will say that he will get three houses.

Native’s death and next birth

37அறுபது ஒன்பதாண்டில் ஆதிரை மாதம்தன்னில்
நிறைபக்கம் ஏகாதசி நிமலன்தன் உடலமேகும்
வரும்சென்மம் துவாரகைதன்னில் மறைகுல முதிப்பானாகும்
பிருகுமே மறித்துச்சொல்வார் புதல்வன்செய் புண்ணியமென்ன
In his 69th year in the month of Sagittarius (Margazhi – December-January), on Vaikunta Ekadasi, he will die. In his next birth, he will be born in Dwaraka in a Brahmin community. Brighu rishi objected to this and said that what are the good deeds that this native did which made him take birth in the Brahmin community.
38திருப்பணி செய்தலாலும் தந்தைசெய் புண்ணியத்தால்
மறையவர்க் குதவிசெய்தும் வளமுள தலங்கள்சென்றும்
சிறியோரா பத்தைக்காத்தும் தீரனும் வாழ்வதாலே
உரைகுவான் மறைகுலத்தில் உத்தமி கேட்டிடாயே
The dedicated work done to temples by him, the effects of the Puja done by his father, his helping nature to the Brahmins, the results of his visit to various holy places, his assistance to the persons who were in need were all the reasons for his birth in the Brahmin community. Listen! Great woman.
39புரந்திடு காலந்தன்னில் புனர்புசம் மூன்றாம்பாதம்
குருதிசை ஆண்டுஐந்தும் குலவிடும் திங்களேழும்
வரைந்தனம் பூர்வபாகம் வரைகுறோம் பின்புபாகம்
அருமறை முடிவிலாடும் அம்பிகை யாளேகேளாய்
The dasa balance at birth was 5 years and 7 months of Jupiter dasa, and his Janma Nakshstra was Punarvasu 3rd pada. This is what is to be stated in the 1st chapter. Oh! Dancing Lady! Listen.

Notes on timing of events

Balance of dasa at birth was of Jupiter 5 years and 7 months. Events stated and the dasa-antardasa period of their happenings are listed below:


Marriage was in his 19th year. Saturn dasa will be running. The Antardasa table in Saturn dasa is given below:

Antardasa Yr Mnth Day Age
Saturn 3 0 3 8-7-3
Mercury 2 8 9 11-3-12
Ketu 1 1 9 12-4-21
Venus 3 2 0 15-6-21
Sun 0 11 12 16-6-3
Moon 1 7 0 18-1-3
Mars 1 1 9 19-2-12
Rahu 2 10 6 21-0-18
Jupiter 2 6 12 24-7-0

So at the age of 19 he will be running Sun/Moon Antardasa. Moon is the dispositor of the 7th lord Venus. 9th lord Saturn is aspecting the combination of Sun and Moon. In the 19th year the 7th house will be in operation. 7th house lord through its dispositor has brought about the marriage.

On timing of marriage

I also would like to record here my observations in regard to Aries Lagna especially with regard to the timing of marriage. I am summarizing below the Dasa-Antardasa periods when the marriages have happened for Aries Lagna natives.

As far as marriage is concerned the houses involved are the 7th, 2nd, 9th, 4th, 11th and the 12th houses. 7th house is the primary house of marriage. 2nd house is addition to family and a karaka house for marriage. 9th house is the house of baghya or fortune and is a karaka for the house of family. 4th house is a house of comfort arising out of family and owning a house and is a karaka for the baghya. 11th house is the house of gains and is a karaka for the 4th house to get the required comforts. 12th house is the house of bed pleasures and is the karaka house for begetting children indicated by the 5th house. So, all these houses, their lords, planets placed therein are all to be examined before deciding about the time of marriage. Here I am giving the Dasa-Antardasa combination of some of the planets. There might be interchange also of the dasa as well as Antardasa indicated herein.

Jupiter Dasa – Antardasas of Saturn, Mercury, Venus, Moon and Rahu.
Saturn Dasa – Antardasas of Venus, Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Rahu.
Sun Dasa – Antardasas of Moon, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus.
Moon Dasa – Antardasas of Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Sun and Rahu.
Venus dasa – Antardasas of Sun, Moon, Saturn, Mercury and Rahu.

Also I have noticed that during Rahu dasa Mercury Antardasa or vice versa I have noticed that many marriages have happened.

Mother’s death

In his 41st year his mother will die. He will be running Mercury dasa at that time. The Antardasa table is given below:

Antardasa Yr Month Day Age
Mercury 2 4 27 26-11-27
Ketu 0 11 27 27-11-24
Venus 2 10 0 30-9-24
Sun 0 10 6 31-8-0
Moon 1 5 0 32-13-0
Mars 0 11 27 34-0-27
Rahu 2 6 18 36-7-15
Jupiter 2 3 6 38-10-21
Saturn 2 8 9 41-7-0

Jupiter Antardasa is from his 39th year till his 42nd year. For the 4th house of mother represented by Cancer, the first maraka is Mercury as he owns the 3rd and 12th houses. The 2nd lord Sun being lord of a single house and a friendly planet to Lagna Lord Moon (Taking Cancer as Lagna of mother) he will not kill. Saturn being the 7th lord is also a maraka. But since he is Ayushkaraka, he loses the powers. Jupiter, the Antardasa lord is considered as a benefic for Cancer Lagna as he owns the strong 9th trikona. But if his association is bad he turns a malefic and gives only bad results. Here Jupiter is conjoined with Rahu and as such Rahu takes away the powers of Jupiter. Rahu is the enemy of Moon and also gives out the results of Saturn, brings about the death of the mother through his associate Jupiter. From Moon, the karaka for mother, Jupiter owns the 7th house and hence is capable of bringing the death of mother.

Wife’s death

Wife will die when the native is of 60 years. Jupiter Antardasa will be running at that time. From the 7th house, Jupiter is lord of 3rd house of longevity placed in the 7th from the 7th house of wife. Lord of 7th house and also the kalatra karaka Venus is aspected by Mars who is the 7th lord and 2nd lord of maraka for the wife.

Native’s death

Native will die in his 69th year. For a movable Lagna the 2nd and 7th lords are marakas. Ketu Antar dasa in Venus dasa will be running at the time of death. Ketu is placed in the 7th house of maraka.

Certain general rules regarding death, I would like to place before the readers for its assessment which is applicable to all Lagnas:

  1. For a movable Lagna the 2nd and 7th lords are capable of bringing death.
  2. For a fixed Lagna the 3rd and 7th lords are capable of bringing death.
  3. For a dual Lagna the 7th and 11th lords are capable of bringing death.
  4. More than the maraka house lord, planets placed in maraka place are powerful in inflicting death.
  5. More than the maraka house lord, planets associated with them are powerful in causing death.
  6. Even if a benefic is associated with the maraka lord, he can cause death.
  7. The 3rd house lord and the 8th house lords are longevity lords. They are also capable of inflicting death. If they conjoin any of the maraka lords definitely they will cause death.
  8. The weakest planet in the horoscope also gets maraka powers.
  9. If the Ayushkaraka Saturn becomes a maraka lord and if he is associated with any of the above-stated maraka planets, he will grasp the powers from all other planets and will cause the death.

Translated by Yenbeeyes; edited by Madhivanan