Planetary position

Moon and Rahu are in Scorpio; Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn are in Virgo; the Sun is in Leo; Venus is in cancer; Ketu is in Taurus; Mars is in Aries; and the ascendant is Aries.

Chart for jatakam 47 – Aries ascendant collection

Dasa remaining at birth: Jupiter dasa, 13 years 8 months.

Timing of important events

Event During, nth year Other details
Marriage 16 Saturn dasa, Saturn bhukti
Father’s death 26 Saturn dasa, Moon bhukti
Mother’s death 34 Mercury dasa, Mercury bhukti
Husband’s death 60 Venus dasa, Venus/Sun bhukti
Death of the jataki 67 Virgo month, shukla shashti thithi;
Venus dasa, Rahu/Jupiter bhukti

Birth of our jataki

Parvati devi wants to know the predictions for this jataki.1The female whom this horoscope refers to Sage Vasistar says that this horoscope belongs to a female, and she has three siblings. The house she was born is east-facing and is located in a big city like Amaravathi. It has a flourishing trade and a temple for Vishnu; the king lives in that city.

About her parents


Her father has nine siblings, some of whom will be short lived. Her father will help those in need and live up to his words. He has many friends, is hospitable, and enjoys the confidence of the king. He will not suffer poverty and has many servants. He is given to charity and doesn’t relate with enemies. He will experience both joy and sadness in equal measure. He runs a business and has a garden. But he doesn’t remember those who helped him and has a harsh tongue. He is educated and has two wives.

Father’s previous life

In his previous birth, jataki’s father was born in the servant’s caste in a place where a temple for Jalakanteeshwarar is located. He got married, begot children, and was involved in charity. But then, a rich female from the brahmin caste deposited some gold with him for safekeeping before she embarked on a pilgrimage to Rameshwaram. Unfortunately, she fell ill and died there.

After his death in his previous life, he was reborn. In the present life, the woman who deposited gold with him for safekeeping in the previous life became his second wife.


Jataki’s mother acts according to her husband’s wishes and does not complain about others. She will frequent her mother’s house.

Mother’s previous life

In her previous life, jataki’s mother was born north of Thiruvannamalai in the vanniayar caste. She supported her dependants and fed the poor.

Jataki’s details

Our Jataki listens to elders. She has a yellowish red complexion and a long hair. Though her body is not strong, she is intelligent and highly educated. She helps the poor. She is brave, but will not wage war. She will not suffer poverty. She has a short temper like a tiger, but will come to her senses soon after. She will not utter falsehood.

She is good natured and soft spoken. She will suffer from vata2One of the three humors (vata, pitta, and kapha) of the Siddha system of Indian Medicine disturbance in her legs. She will be initiated into spirituality later in her life and will preach Advaita. She has two mothers; she is born to the first one. Her male siblings will die, and her two sisters will be long lived.

About her husband

Our jataki will marry at the age of 16 years. Her groom is from the southern direction. He has a clear mind and a reddish complexion. He is highly educated, acquainted with kings, and loves spiritual persons. He has a lotus-like face. He will be friendly with those who respect him. He has many servants and vehicles. He will expand his lands, be employed by the king, and face no difficulties. He is good at business transactions; he is smart, decisive in his speech, and has a smiling face.

Her husband’s rasi is (His moon is in) Leo and his nakshatra is Ashlesha. He is friendly to all. He will accumulate wealth and expend it. He will get things done. Kings will heed his advice. He will bathe in holy rivers. He is devoted to Lord Muruga. He will follow dharma and feed those who follow the spiritual path.

Husband’s previous life

In his previous life, he was born south of Kancheepuram in a big city in Sengunthar vamsam (clan). He was rich, helpful to people, and interested in charity. He quenched the thirst of the travellers with water booths. He was a devotee of Lord Muruga. After his death, he was reborn and married this jataki in this present life.

Present life of our jataki

She will bear five children; two male and two female children will be long-lived. The firstborn will not survive, and the second pregnancy will be lost.

Jataki’s previous life

She was born north of Thiruthanikai in the reddy caste. She was rich and famous. She got married and had children. She spoke ill of her husband’s brother; he, therefore, cursed her that she will not have a brother in her next life, and even if she had one, he shall not help her, and she would suffer from vata diseases. He cursed her much more, and so she was afflicted with that karma. At the end of her life, she served elderly (spiritual) people and became devoted to god. She died and was reborn. She doesn’t have any brothers in the present life because of this past karma.

Present life fortunes (yogam) of our jataki

Her wealth will grow like a crescent moon. She will manage her family well. She will never face poverty. She will be initiated by a Siva yogi at the age of 30 years. She will attain adepthood at the age of 46 years.

About the yogi who initiated her

The yogi who initiated her comes from a village to the east of the jataki’s native place. He is uneducated. He has a healthy constitution, a fair complexion, and a good character. After renouncing his wife and children, he will visit many places and receive enlightenment from many people. Later, he will approach our jataki and initiate her. He will be respected by people of good conduct. He will die when our jataki is 47 years of age.

Time of deaths

Jataki’s father will die when she is 26 years of age; he will be reborn in the saiva caste in the same town. Her mother will die when the jataki is 34 years of age. She will be born in Thiruthannikai in the next life in the same caste.

Jataki’s husband will die when she is 60 years of age. In his next life, he will be born north of Thiruthanikai in a big city in the kshatriya caste. When Parvati devi asks the reasons for the jataki’s husband being reborn in the kshatriya caste, the sage answers that he was devoted to Lord Muruga, helped the poor, helped the dead with their rites, and visited holy temples.

After performing good deeds, the jataki will die during the 67th year in the month of Virgo in Shukla shashti thithi. In her next life, she will be born in the brahmana caste in Kashi. The reasons for her rebirth in this caste are that she respected elderly and spiritual people, was devoted to God, supported those in need, and learned the vedas.

End of first chapter.